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Oxanium Font is a royalty-free modern typeface created by Severin Meyer. It provides an aesthetic feel to your text on a large display screen. This is a modern advanced techno sci-fi font family.

This free font can be found in seven unique weight including bold, extra bold, extra light, light, medium, regular, and semibold. Its immediate strokes ensure little size and quick-sightedness, while the angle cut adds charisma to the large headlines.

This techno typeface ideal for headlines, word press, best for brand and model names, newspaper and magazine add logos, posters, banners, best for unique text, movies, video games, apps, robots, and promo images.

This google font also supports Adobe Latin 3 character set. Its square serifs increase the stiffness of the letter and the slightly extended width of each figure promotes digital modernity.

Oxanium Font Family


It’s felt at home on a spaceships head-up display and on a video game scoreboard. Oxanium font features a framework effect that adds a geometrical and technical touch to the content.

It is designed for easy reading on any screen whether its tablets, computer screens, or cell phones. The letters are lightly condensed to permit greater display on any screen and that is available for download at Anchor Fonts.

Get it pair along with a good font pair to create stunning designs. You can practice using Yantramanav Font as a content pair and Mako font or Jet Set Radio typeface by Captain Falcon Type foundry for headlines design operations.

Its angular texture better, use it with a good pair. You can use this royalty-free sci-fi font for displaying heaving designing operations. This font featuring is different, awesome, and elegant.

Thanks for watching the Oxanium Font. After clicking on the download link below, download this free typeface in the original type file former and use it wherever you want after installation. This is available in TTF format for you to download.

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Oxanium Font Free Download

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