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The Supernatural Font is inspired by the title logo of the popular TV series “Supernatural.” This typeface captures the dark, eerie, and mysterious essence of the show.

Making it an excellent choice for designs that seek to evoke a sense of the supernatural and the unknown. Matthew Walters is known as the primary designer.

It comes in a single, stylized font style. It features sharp, jagged edges and a somewhat distressed appearance, giving it a haunting and otherworldly feel that aligns with the themes of the Supernatural TV series.

The character design often emphasizes the eerie and mystical nature of the font, suitable for conveying a sense of mystery. Let’s take a review of its texture.

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Supernatural Font

Font Name:Supernatural Font
Style:Gothic, Bitmap, Typeface
Font Designer:Matthew Walters
File Format:TTF
License:Free For Personal Use
Files:Supernatural (Truetype)

Supernatural Font Free Family Download

The Supernatural Font is ideal for a variety of design applications, including Horror movie posters, promotional materials, Book covers, titles for mystery and horror genres, Themed party invitations, and decorations.

It primarily supports languages that use the Latin script, making it suitable for English and other Latin-based languages. This allows for versatile use in different linguistic contexts.

While strongly associated with the TV series, the font’s spooky and mysterious style makes it suitable for a wide range of horror and mystery-related projects.

You can also use some other similar fonts, such as Carrois Gothic Font designed by Carrois Apostrophe, and Nanum Myeongjo Font designed by Sandoll.

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Supernatural Font Family Download

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