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Introducing Andes Font Family! This great retro typeface that has come in bold and italic display texture. Daniel Hernández took the charge of designing and releasing it for the first time.

This display typeface that contains in a single weight. It has come in 94 number of characters with 92 unique glyphs. Along with its excellent glyphs and sharp surfaces, it enjoys an excellent reputation in the typewriter market.

With this help, you can openly use it for various works like business cards, wedding cards, printing on certificates, titling, logo making, branding names, company names, and also useable for printing on fabric industries.

All the letters in this font family have been carefully and harmoniously prepared. So, it can easily fit into any kind of design. And it can be included in your designs to make some words unique.

Andes Font Family


In addition, this excellent font family supports many international languages ​​such as English, Zulu, Fijian, Afrikaans, Bosnian, Asturian, Breton, Tok Pisin, Tumbuka, Afar, and Turkish, etc.

Each style has specific characters and all the characters talk about the hard work and dedication of the designer. That’s why this font is famous in the market because of its gay and amazing look.

And it is free for personal use but for commercial use, you have to buy a license. Same as Frank Ruhl Libre Font by Yanek lontef, Vladivostok font by Michael Sharada, and Mako Font by Vernon Adams.

This Andes Font Family will help you tailor the designs you need to meet the needs of your clients and audience. So, let us welcome you to Anchor Fonts. And you can get it by clicking on the link below.

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Andes Font Free Download

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