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Faustina Font is a versatile serif display typeface that has a beautiful stylish texture which is best for book paragraph writing. This excellent font was designed and released by Alfonso Garcia.

This free font is available in eight different weights including bold, bold italic, italic, medium italic, medium, regular, semi bold, semibold italic, and contains 667 unique characters.

This font is a great choice for print and online report typography (newspapers, magazines, books). The designer has created the entire font structure with clean strokes just to give it a professional look.

It has its own current style, which combines elegance, uniformity, and simplicity, making it a great choice when choosing a serif font. It helps you to fulfil many tasks according to your needs.

Faustina Font Family


That’s why you will see that most of the time it is used in long text paragraphs. So, if you have some space then use this good quality font with a good feel. As such, its scope is really wide in the designing industries.

This amazing font is useful for various works such as news headings, newspapers, book covers, book paragraphs, magazines, story titles, novels, social media posters, special card events, banners, and other operations.

This serif font is totally free for personal and commercial use. Same as Flash Font by George Williams, Sin City Font by Himmel – Jens Ziehn, and Spawn Font by Digital Empires.

If you think this clean font is really workable for you then share with us where you want to use it. In that case, you will need some other font families then use the search bar to find them. To download this font, you need to click on the link below.

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Faustina Font Free Download

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