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Kontrapunkt Font is a free slab serif typeface. This top-notch typeface was created and published by Kontrapunkt, that creates a modern tone for your message and gives the well-structured texture.

It is available in three unique weights including bold, light, and light italics. It features a clear layout that is ideal for any reader. Showcasing a clean and highly legible structure for the reader to grasp.

This slab serif font is ideal for paragraphs, for different headings, newspaper, and magazine titles, posters, flyers, articles, for books, editorial text design, web, in English letters, rebooting, and modern text.

It works well with both uppercase and lowercase letters and everyday design and textual text. Each letter and symbol has a modern style. Check out the font map images we added along to see how it will look like in your artworks.

Kontrapunkt Font Family


Its clean look and medium weight makes it an elegant candidate for pairing with more decorative, spacious subheadings fonts. It really attracts attention and is great for high class, extravagant messages.

It offers a better alternative to modern text to screen texts and is ideal for web and digital devices like tablets, computer screens, laptops, and cell phones. You can also use it in website designs, or in-game development purposes as well.

Kontrapunkt Font is best for large display headlines and requires a slightly short look. It presents a charming appearance and saves the creative feel of any textual design.

Another most fascinating aspect of Kontrapunkt Font is that it is free for commercial uses as well as it comes along with SIL open font licence just like Studebaker Font, Capsuula Font, and Rosarivo Font Family.

Also, let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. Download it now by a single click over the link below. You will get a TTF file in zip format.

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Kontrapunkt Font Free Download

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